Frequently asked questions.

Frequently asked questions.

What is IV Hydration and Vitamin therapy?

IV vitamin therapy is a low-risk procedure of administering vitamins and nutrients directly into the bloodstream. This is effective because the procedure bypasses the GI tract, delivering vitamins and nutrients with a 100% absorption rate. Administered by a registered nurse or paramedic, the effects are felt immediately and can be felt up to one week after infusion. Our Medical Director is part of our staff

Does getting an IV infusion hurt?

Our staff has literally 1,000’s of IV start experiences under their belts. We understand that everyone has their own experience with pain and needles, so we do our best to make each experience as comfortable as possible.

Is it safe to do IV infusions outside of a medical facility ?

IV hydration is definitely safe in any location where our IV specialists can adhere to sterile precautions and safety regulations. We used sterile supplies and they are all individually wrapped and our nurses will open them in front of you.

Who can benefit from IV infusions?

Treatments are great for combating fatigue, stress, hangovers, minor colds & flu, athletic performance/recovery, weight loss, and general overall wellness support.

Will I feel better after my infusion?

It really depends on the therapy. If you choose the hangover or migraine infusion you will feel better almost instantly. But other infusions are specifically designed for long lasting effects.

At the end of an infusion most of our clients say they feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

Should I consult with my doctor?

Our treatments are elective, and we provide these services under the standing orders from our medical provider. We do not offer medical advice. If you do have questions, we do recommend you speak with your Primary Care Provider, or our medical director is available for telehealth as needed to review the appropriateness of IV Hydration and Vitamin Therapy for you.

How long do the infusions take?

Each drip is a little different, but on average drips range from 30min to 1 hour, with the exception of NAD+ which is 3-4 hours per infusion.

Can I resume my regular activities after an infusion?

Yes! There are no restrictions, with the exception of our migraine drip we do request you have a designated ride home if you are being infused elsewhere and encourage you to rest as some of the add on medications can cause drowsiness.

Is IV infusion therapy legal for athletes?

While many of our clients are athletes, if you are sponsored or have concerns we advise that you check with your coach, sponsor or governing body before treatment.

Can anyone get an IV infusion or booster?

While the majority of our clients are eligible, Inner Peace Hydrate reserves the right to withhold treatment if we feel it would not be in the best interest of the client, as there are some medical conditions where extra fluids is contraindicated. We require each client to complete a medical health history and waiver prior to services.

Do you infuse at events, parties, retreats?

Absolutely, we LOVE to provide services for events and retreats! Please let us know as soon as possible in advance so we can be sure we have IV Specialists available. You can text or call Caitlin @ 828-702-5321 directly to discuss.

Do you accept tips for mobile services?

Tips are accepted and very much appreciated if you feel so inclined, however please note there is absolutely no obligation and you will receive outstanding care regardless.

I’m pregnant can I get an IV?

We require an order from your OB for infusions. Feel free to call or text 828-702-5321 to discuss.

Can a child get an IV?

Our minimum age is 18 for IV service, but we can possible infuse if you have an order from your child’s pediatrician or Provider. Call or text us to discuss.

Do you offer memberships and discounts?

We do not offer monthly memberships, but we do offer curated IV packages, Wellness Packages, and discounts for parties of 6 or more.

Please visit our website for more details, or call/text us to discuss your individual requests in more detail.

Do you accept insurance or bill insurance?

As this is an elective service, we DO NOT accept insurance, bill insurance nor deal with insurances in any way.






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