What is NAD+?

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, or NAD+, plays a vital role in cellular energy production. Levels of NAD+ fall with age, and your demand for the molecule increases during times of

An increasing number of studies show that restoring NAD+ can have a number of anti-aging effects. Fatigue-related conditions, such as chronic viral infection and stress disorders, may
respond too.

Why NAD+ IV Therapy?

NAD+ is poorly absorbed when taken orally, so one of the best ways to replenish it is intravenous therapy. Clinical studies show that continuous supplementation with NAD+ precursors can blunt its effects over time, so the intermittent nature of intravenous therapy may strengthen its benefits.

• Boosting NAD+ may address several underlying causes of aging. Research demonstrates that NAD+ and its precursors can:

• Restore cellular energy production, which falls with age. This also improved overall cellular health.

• Prevent development of “aged” cells, reducing inflammation as a result.

• Maintain cells’ ability to divide, a requirement for tissue maintenance and repair.

• Protect stem cell populations, which your body needs to fix everyday wear and tear.

• Regulate the development of stem cells into mature cells. For example, NAD+ precursors increase transformation into bone cells, and prevent fat cell development.

• Improve blood sugar control. Much of NAD’s anti-aging effects are controlled by its interactions with the sirtuin genes. Their activity is essential for healthy energy metabolism, which becomes more dysregulated with age.

The Benefits of NAD+

Clinical studies show several key benefits of NAD+: 

• Improved energy

• Increased muscle mass, especially when combined with regular exercise

• An increase in bone density

• Improved cardio performance in runners

• Better insulin sensitivity.

Who Needs NAD+?

People who have been struggling with the effects of aging or chronic illness (or both!) stand to benefit the most from NAD+ restoration. Fatigue disorders, blood sugar dysregulation, or muscle loss from long-term inactivity are some potential indications for NAD+ therapy. Partying hard over the holidays or your vacation may call for replenishing NAD+ too, thanks to the role of NAD+ in energy metabolism. 

Additionally, the performance-enhancing effects of NAD+ may make it helpful if you are just starting to work out or practice sports. NAD+ can benefit more experienced athletes who want to recover faster after workouts, heal from injuries faster, or improve their overall performance. 




Here at Inner Peace Hydrate PLLC, we believe wellness starts from within.

We offer a few packages with NAD+ infusions to meet your unique wellness needs.

125mg Dose


  • NAD+ 125mg infused over 1-1.5 hours

  • 500ml normal saline


  • In office $175

  • Mobile $350

Recommended add-ons

  • Myers’ Cocktail Drip $135

  • Glutathione 600mg - 2000mg ($20-40)

250mg Dose


  • NAD+ 250mg infused over 2 hours

  • 500ml normal saline


  • In office $269

  • Mobile $425

Recommended add-ons

  • Myers’ Cocktail Drip $135-350

  • Glutathione 600mg -2000mg $20-$40

500mg Dose


  • NAD 500mg infused over at least 4 hours

  • Normal Saline 500ml


  • In office $499

  • Mobile $650

Recommended add-ons

  • Glutathione 600mg-2000mg $40

  • Myers’ Cocktail $135-250

***For best results, we do recommend packages for clients who have not regularly received these infusions, pricing listed below

Potential Side Effects

NAD+ is infused at a slow rate to minimize side effects during administration. On average, these infusions take 2-4 hours.

The following are some side effects that may be experienced during an NAD+ infusion:

  • Nausea

  • Brain fog

  • Cramping or pain during therapy

  • Chest heaviness

  • Shortness of breath

  • Numbness and tingling in extremities

  • Dizziness

*We can minimize these side effects by slowing down, or momentarily stopped the infusion. We also have as needed medications we can give (zofran, benadryl, toradol, pepcid) to minimize side effects prior to infusion.

Give yourself the gift of cellular vitality.

NAD+ Anti-Aging.

Includes five NAD 500 mg infusions, Myers’ cocktail or FastVitaminIV® after each NAD infusion, and complimentary glutathione push

We recommend 5 infusions within 10 days for maximum results.

  • In office: $2,500

  • Mobile: $4,000

*payment plans available Get pre-approved today! Applying won’t harm your credit!
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